1.25" Orthoscopic eyepieces:

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Takahashi LE30 eyepiece "Takahashi Abbe 12.5 mm eyepiece" Maximum contrast and maximum transmission: These properties were in the foreground when developing the new Abbe eyepiece series from Takahashi. This eyepiece construction, which is minimalist in today's terms, can neither score with large fields of view nor with the short focal lengths with comfortable viewing. The strengths of these eyepieces lie in completely different areas. With today's modern production methods, a specialist for maximum contrast and transmission on the optical axis is created. In astro-jargon one would say planetary eyepieces. In addition, the Takahashi Abbe eyepieces are also ideally suited for bino observation. The eyepieces are so narrow that there is also space for a European nose between the eyepieces. Focal length: 12.5 mm Apparent field of view: 44 ° Interpupillary distance: 10 mm Plug diameter: 1.25 "(31.75 mm)

Item condition: new and original packed

130.25 €
Delivery date : 2-3 days
Takahashi LE 5mm eyepiece

Item condition: new, but not original packed

210.08 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days