Lunt 130mm Solar-Scope

Complete H-Alpha telescopes with which you can immediately start observing and photographing the Sun in the wavelength of 656.28nm. By far the most interesting emission line, revealing many details on the Sun, such as prominences and filaments. The systems are optimised to offer the highest performance in compact instruments.
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Transforms the LS130MT into a telescope for observing super-granulation and more on the Sun in the blue Calcium-K wavelength
2699.00 €
Delivery date : 3-4 days
Modular 130mm ED Apo telescope for observing & photographing prominences & more at the sun during the day and moon, planets & deep-sky at night
15299.00 €
Delivery date : 2-3 months
With this module LS130MT telescopes show even more details on the solar surface
5499.00 €
Delivery date : 3-4 weeks
The LS130THa/B3400 telescopes can be upgraded with this conversion kit. This allows to explore the Sun at different wavelengths with one and the same telescope ...
599.00 €
Delivery date : 1 week