Altair 2" Filter Holder M48 to M48 & Filter Slider, Version 2 - 17 mm short

Altair 2" Filter Holder M48 to M48 & Filter Slider, Version 2 - 17 mm short

Filter change in a few seconds without removing the camera, ideal for astrophotography - the filter holder is the compact and lightweight alternative to the filter wheel.
Manufacturer : Altair Astro
Price: 111.76 € excl tax
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description
Altair 2" Filter Holder M48 to M48 & Filter Slider, Version 2 - 17 mm short

Altair Mgnetic Filter Drawer Version 2 - manual Filter Change within Seconds
Altair offers with the 2" Filter Holder a very advanced drawer with many useful product features. Especially astrophotographers who do not want a large and partly heavy filter wheel will find an exciting alternative with this filter drawer. In spite of the compact and above all lightweight construction, this filter holder does not have to be without stability and accuracy.
  • The optical length is only 17 mm.
  • The filter slider snaps into place magnetically, guaranteeing precise positioning of the filter.
  • Thanks to the open design of the slider, the filter can be easily inserted or removed.
  • The drawer is round and very compact, so that it can also be used in front of the optics, for example in Hyperstar systems or Celestron RASA.
  • A filter slider for 2" filters is included in the scope of delivery.
  • Thanks to additional filter sliders (optional) for 2" and 1.25" filters, you can combine any filters with each other.

Applications of the Altair filter drawer:

  • Deep sky astrophotography: L-RGB shots, false color shots, contrast enhancement through nebula filters with mono or color astro cameras and DSLRs
  • Planetary observation and planetary imaging: quickly change color filters to enhance contrast. In photography, the photos can be combined well later.
  • Deep sky observation: the impressions without filter, with UHC filter, O-III filter and other filters can be directly compared with each other. So you always get the maximum of details out of the observed object!

Practical tips:
  • Especially with adaptations for astrophotography it often depends on the fraction of a millimeter. With our tuning rings and extension rings you can adapt the filter drawer exactly into your "image train".
  • We recommend one drawer per filter. Unscrewing filters during photography or observation is rather impractical.

Note: Order extra version 2 sliders to fit Version 2 magnetic holders because they have the correct polarity.

Scope of Delivery:
  • Filterholder
  • slide for 2" Filter
Products specifications
Weight4.2 oz
Connection to cameraM48x0.75 (2" filter thread)
Connection to telescopeM48x0.75 female thread (2" filter thread)