APM 100mm 45° Semi APO Binokular, UF 18

APM 100mm 45° Semi APO Binokular, UF 18

The semi-apo lenses made of special glasses enable a nearly true-color, ...
Manufacturer : APM
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Product description

APM 100mm 45° Semi APO Binokular

Our binoculars with 100mm aperture are universal devices both for astronomical and earth observation. The perfect size when you need portability and not too much weight. Thanks to excellent optical and mechanical qualit, you will enjoy observing thousands of objects for many years! 2x 100mm aperture are a great choice when you like to observe fainter objects or you like to use higher magnifications.

With a senseful choice of the eyepiece focal lengths, you can also observe great moon details with different magnifications, which is not usable with "normal" binoculars. The user is relieved by the two-eyed observation, the subjective image resolution and image stability increase significantly! The 45° viewing position enables comfortable observation of low altitude objects and earth objects

The semi-apochromatic objective lenses enable  realistic images with high contrast. To ensure that everything is weatherproof, the stable die-cast body was filled with nitrogen. The stability of the magnesium body is impressive. Extendable dew caps protect the lenses from dew condensation even during long periods of observation and can be used as a stray ligh hood during the day observation. Of course, these binoculars have a tripod connection and a stable handle.


  • High quality, Doublet primary optics
  • BAK-4 Prism system
  • High quality multi coating of the optical components
  • Variable magnififation by changing eyepiece pairs
  • Stable body
  • Weather sealed, Nitrogen filled
  • Universal 1,25" eyepiece holders w/ IF
  • Retracteable dew caps
  • Photo tripod connector


  • 100mm SA binoculars 45°
  • Handle and tripod adapter
  • Carton packaging
  • Objective covers
  • Eyepiece caps
  • UF 18 eyepieces
Products specifications
Front lens diameter100 mm
CoatingHard Broadband Coating
FocusingHelical Focuser for each Eyepiece
Number of lenses2 each Side
Weight14.5 lb
Objective angle of viewmax. 2.8 Degree
Photo tripod thread1/4-20 and 3/8"
Eyepiece Adapter31,7 mm Klemmung
eye relief54mm-75mm
Focal length550 mm
Prism Size28mm
diameter field stop28 mm
Dew shield ID threadM 116 x 1-6H, 6 mm depth
Dimensions540 mm x 270 mm x 160 mm

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