APM 150mm 90° SD APO Binocular with UF30mm & Case

APM 150mm 90° SD APO Binocular with UF30mm & Case

The APM 150mm SD FCD100 APO Binocular is one of the most powerful binoculars in the world. Including 2" Eyepieceset UF30mm an Case.
Manufacturer : APM
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29 November 2022
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Product description

Our APM 150mm Giant binoculars is one of the most powerful binoculars in the world in this size class! 2x full 6 inch aperture promise a lot of light for your eyes! The modern optics have an excellent resolution, the high-quality spacial low dispersion glass FCD100 reduces the residual CA to an absolute minimum. A very precise adjustment also allows high magnification factors and is characterized by an excellent resolution. These binoculars are of course waterproof, weatherproof and therefore perfectly suited for outdoor use.

Anyone who observes with a 6? telescope (many anateurs do that) will surely be very surprised with a binocular view, which increase in detail can be achieved by two eyes. Binocular observation promotes the natural ability to associate the faintest details by the brain. The gain in "information" is therefore more than proportional! The result: M31 already shows structures, the Orion Nebula of course (best results with nebula filters)! Details in the cirrus become visible. M13 has been resolved ... and so the list could be continued. This piece of optics is not a toy and therefore completely suitable for very serious astronomical work. Our binoculars is equipped with 2? eyepieces, so it is universal when it comes to the choice of eyepieces.


  • Super-High-quality SD-Apo Primary lenses
  • High-quality Prism system
  • Modern multi coatings on any optical surface
  • Variable magnification by changing eyepieces
  • Stable body
  • Weatherproof, nitrogen-filled
  • Universal 2? Eyepiece holders with IF
  • Extendable dew shields
  • Photo tripod connection


  • 150mm SD Apo binoculars 90°
  • 1 Set 30mm Ultra Flat Field eyepieces (magnification 28x)
  • Adjustment certificate for 100x magnification
  • Handle and photo tripod connection
  • Stable transport case
  • Lenscaps and eyepiece caps
Products specifications
FocusingIndividual Eyepiece Focus
Photo tripod thread1/4-20 and 3/8"
HousingMagnesium Alloy Chassis
Coatingall optical surfaces fully broadband multicoated
Dew shieldsextendable
Objective angle of view2.7°
Waterproofyes, nitrogen filled
Front lens diameter150mm
Focal length840mm
Dew shield ID threadM 169 x 1,5-6H
Aperture2 Element Air spaced FCD Apochromat (rear lens FCD100 Glass)
Dimensionslength 840mm, width 372mm, height without EP 280mm
Weight21,8 kg (48lbs)
eye relief63 mm - 79 mm

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