APM 70 mm 45° Binocular

APM 70 mm 45° Binocular

The all new APM 70 mm 45° Binocular
Manufacturer : APM
SKU : APM-SA70-Bino45
Price: 920.17 € excl tax
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Product description

APM 70 mm 45° Binocular

Our 45° Semi Apo Giant binoculars are one of our bestsellers and offer an excellent price-performance ratio. The 45° viewing position and the 1.25" eyepiece sleeves make this binoculars very universally usable. The 45° variant is very well suited and ergonomic for astronomical observation as well as for nature and earth observations.

You can change the magnification by changing the eyepiece sets. The focal position was chosen, Tele Vue Delos, Nagler, Panoptik and the Docter 12.5 mm UWA eyepiece can be focused.

This model is also available with a 90° viewing position. To keep the glass lightweight, the body is made of robust cast magnesium. Slidable dew shields with front cover, a handle with sighting device, a photo tripod adapter with 3/8 "thread connection.

Note: Eyepieces are optional.


  • High quality, Doublet semi-apochromatic front lenses
  • BAK-4 Prism system
  • High quality EMC multi coatings on any optical surface
  • Variable magnification by changing eyepiece sets
  • Robust bodymade by Magnesium alloy
  • Weather resistant
  • Universal 1,25" eyepiece holder
  • Slidable dew shields
  • Tripod connector integrated


  • 70mm Semi Apo binoculars 70mm 45°
  • Transport handle with sighting device
  • Objective lens hoods
  • Eyepiece caps
Products specifications
Front lens diameter70 mm
Number of lenses2 each Side
Photo tripod threadWith included Tripod Adapter 1/4" Thread
Focal length400mm
Dimensions385 mm x 213 mm x 116 mm
Weight6.6 lb (including tripod adapter, without eyepieces)
Objective angle of viewmax. 4° FOV
Coatingall optical surfaces fully broadband multicoated
eye relief54 mm - 76 mm
diameter field stop28 mm
Close focusing distance12 m
Focusing1.25" Helical Focuser with brass compression ring
Dew shieldsextendable
Dew shield ID threadM 77 x 1-6H, 3.8 mm depth