APM - LZOS Telescope Apo Refractor 115/805 2.5"ZTA

APM - LZOS Telescope Apo Refractor 115/805 2.5"ZTA

The APM - LZOS 3-lenser SuperED in the new inexpensive special package with 2.5" APM Focuser.
Manufacturer : APM - LZOS Apos
SKU : LZOS-115-805-T-2.5ZTA
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09 June 2022
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Product description

Our 115mm (4.5 ?) system with a focal length of 805mm (f/7.0) is just a tad heavier than the 105mm Apo, but still perfectly portable.

Here, too, a lens system from the APM SuperED Apo series is used, which is very harmoniously coordinated with regard to visual and photographic use.

10mm more opening doesn't sound like much, but it already means an increased limit size and improved resolution, e.g. on the double star. The light collecting area is already approx. 30% larger than with a 100mm lens!

The focal length of approx. 800mm has been chosen very universally, with our 0.75x Riccardi reducer a CCD-friendly focal length of approx. 600mm can be achieved. Those who love planetary details can choose from high quality Barlow systems, and solar observation is also a pleasure with the appropriate accessories. Here, too, the apo shows its class when it comes to definition and contrast.

The Apo comes standard with a 2.5" ZTA focuser (1:10 micro-reduction, 360° rotatable) as well as a finder bracked, Vixen-level dovetail and 2" - 1.25" connection adapter. The system is "ready to work". M63 and M68 female thread connections are also available.

If you like it individually, we offer the CNC-LW II variant, this is completely configurable! Talk to us!

With a final weight of 7.6kg, nothing stands in the way of the Astro-Safari!


  • High quality SuperED triplet design
  • Excellent chromatic and field correction
  • Modern broadband multicoatings
  • Fast f/ratio for visual and especially photographic use
  • Lightweight and optimized OTA
  • High quality APM ZTA focuser with 1:10 gear
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


  • Optical tube with APM LZOS SuperED triplet Apo 115/805mm
  • APM CNC tube rings
  • 2.5" APM ZTA focuser with 1:10 gear, rotatable 360°
  • APM Fast Lock Clamping reduction 2" / 1¼"
  • Dovetail Vixen compatible
  • Test certificate
  • Protective caps
  • Transport case
  • Packaging
Products specifications
Eyepiece adapterto 2" and 1.25"
Focal ratiof/7
Threads in tuberings1/4 Zoll 3 x
ViewfinderFinder base, not finder included
Focuser2.5" APM Focuser with brass eyepiececlamp
Tube materialAluminium
Type of telescope3-element SuperED Apo Refractor
Lens3-element SuperED
Connection to eyepiece63 mm thread, 2" and 1 1/4" with adapter
Included accessoriesLZOS testreport, tube rings, dustcaps
Width of tuberings2 Tuberings each 24 mm
Distance of threadscentric and 60 mm
Length of dewcap230 mm
Aperture115 mm
Focal length805 mm
Limit value12.1 mag
Max. useful visual power230 x
Length during observing707 mm
Dewcap diameter156 mm
Transportation length610 mm
Tube weight16,8 lb incl. Tuberings
Diameter of tube116mm
Backfokus180 mm (from end of 2" adapter)