APM - Telescope APO SD Refractor 140mm F/7 with 2.5" ZTA

APM - Telescope APO SD Refractor 140mm F/7 with 2.5" ZTA

The new APM 140mm f/980mm Doublet is a mold breaker with high quality. We have painstakingly engineered an optical
Manufacturer : APM
SKU : APM140-7-2.5ZTA
Price: 2596.64 € excl tax
29 September 2022
Delivery date : 1-4 days (as from Availability)
Product description

The APM Apochromat 140mm f / 7 impresses with its high performance. We have succeeded in developing a telescope with high-quality optics and a solid tube at a previously unattainable price. The new 140mm - 980mm ED has doublet optics with SD FPL 53 glass. This new, innovative lens system leads to an optical performance that is far above the usual in this price category To guarantee the typical high quality of APM telescopes, every optic goes through an interferometric test at 532nm (green).

With its focal length of 980mm, the 140mm SD Apo is a real all-rounder. From observing close double stars with high contrast to detailed planetary observations, a new group of enthusiasts will be amazed by the APM quality of this scope. The well-known APM quality has proven itself in all areas. The large 2.5" focuser with rack and pinion and 1:10 gear remains stable even under high loads and is suitable for astrophotography with large sensors. In addition, this new apo with only 9.8kg is quite lightweight and can be used on compact mounts. You may convert this scope into a fast astrograph by using our APM Riccardi 0.75x Reducer/Flattener (M82 model 2 for f/5.25).

The modern APM apochromatic SD refractor 140/980mm - Excellent performance at an incredibly attractive price!

Review (Cloudy Nights, english)


  • Modern optical design
  • Excellent chromatic correction due to the use of FPL53 SD glass
  • Large 5.5" aperture, fully usable for astrophotography
  • Reliable 2.5" APM
  • R&P focuser with 1:10 gear
  • Modern multi coatings
  • Reliable OTA construction
  • Selected accessories included


  • OTA 140/980mm
  • CNC tube rings
  • 2.5" APM Rack & Pinion focuser with 1:10 gear
  • Losmandy style dovetail
  • finder bracket
  • Packaging
Products specifications
Focal ratiof/7
Viewfindernone supplied
Connection to eyepiece2"
Tube materialAluminium
Backfokus180 mm
Length of dewcap290 mm
Focuser2.5" APM Focuser, 360° rotatable, with 1:10 Micro Focusing
Colorblack / white
Type of telescopeDoublet ED-Apochromat
Dewcap diameter186 mm
LensDoublet ED Apo with FPL-53 Element
Aperture140 mm
Focal length980 mm
Limit value12.5 mag
Max. useful visual power280 x
Transportation length830 mm
Length during observing1030 mm
Weight over all9,0 kg ( with Tuberings, handle, 3" dovetail )
Diameter of tube157 mm

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