APM - Telescope APO SD Refractor 152mm F/6 with 3.7" ZTA

APM - Telescope APO SD Refractor 152mm F/6 with 3.7" ZTA

This 2-element SD is a truly perfect telescope for the ultimate in wide-field observing. The stars are absolutely pinpoint, as only an well corrected apochromatic refractor can produce.
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Product description
APM 152mm f/6 SD Apo Wide Field Refractor

This 2-element SD is a really perfect telescope for the ultimate large field observation also high magnification observation of planets and double stars. The stars are absolutely point-like, color-neutral and contrast-rich, as only a well-corrected apochromatic refractor can produce. At the same time the refractor is with about 80 cm transport length and 9 kg weight ( with rail, tube clamps, carrying handle 11 kg ) still well transportable. A stable azimuthal mount, like our APM-AzMaxLoad or a good parallactic mount like the HEQ5 or the EQ6 are recommended as base. The 2-element SD objective with German Gerd Düring design offers by the very good chromatic correction an image up to about 200x without disturbing color errors in focus, even Jupiter and moon remain color neutral white in focus.For this size and this focal ratio here was created almost a marvel of optics.

Another special feature of this telescope designed by APM Telescopes is the very large backfocus of 220 mm behind the 2" adapter with the focuser retracted. This allows the use of any binocular approach with a 2" zenith mirror, without the necessary use of a glass path corrector, so that also binocular really the maximum field of view ( 1.79 degrees when using 1.25" eyepieces and 3.06 degrees field of view when using 2" eyepieces ) is made possible for them.

Therefore, for observing with a 2" zenith mirror, the use of an optional 2" extension is necessary, please note.

The 2-element lens in a temperature compensated mount:

The optics and mount are manufactured to German design. The mount is also a self-centering compensation mount based on our proven 140 mm SD apo.

Astrophotography with the APM 152 mm f/6 SD refractor:

Although the telescope is optimized for wide-field observing, photography of comets, extended nebulae, globular clusters and galaxies will also succeed. The fast focal ratio of f/6 allows short exposure times. However, an image field corrector is absolutely necessary to obtain sharp stars to the edge. We recommend the Riccardi RiFlat 1.0x- field flattening corrector , which screws directly into the M82x1 female thread of the focuser and the Riccardi Reducer-Flattener corrector 0.75 x ( both the M82 version and the M63 versions are recommended ) which turn the original focal ratio of F/6 now into a true rich field astrograph of F/4.5, and that for fully illuminated full format.

M13  (Foto: Tomasz Trzcinski)

APM - Telescop APO SD Refraktor 152mm F/6 auf Skywatcher EQ6-R, Explore Scientific 26MB
17 x 360s 
Optolong L-Pro
Affinity 2.4
Pixelmator Pro

    IC1396 (Foto: Tomasz Trzcinski)

    NGC 6992 (Foto: Tomasz Trzcinski)

    Scope of delivery:
    • Optical tube
    • Tube clamps
    • Carrying handle
    • Losmandy Mounting Plate
    • 3.7" APM extension with M82 and M63 female thread
    Products specifications
    Eyepiece adapterto 2" and 1.25"
    Focal ratiof/6
    Aperture152 mm
    Backfokus220 mm
    ViewfinderBracket for 50 mm Viewfinder, Viewfinder optional
    CoatingBroadband Mulitcoated
    Tube weight24.2 lb incl. Tuberings
    Length of dewcap250 mm
    Focal length900 mm
    Tube materialALU / CNC produced
    Focuser3.7" R&P Focuser, Rotation 360°
    Connection to eyepiece2" / 1.25"
    Tube diameter156mm
    Dewcap diameter186mm
    Lens2-Element SD Lens with FCD100
    Length during observing34.65 inch
    Transportation length29.13 inch
    Connection to telescopeM82x1 , M68x1, M63x1 female Thread