APM/Lunt - Herschelwedge / Solarprism 1 1/4'' with built in ND3.0 Filter

APM/Lunt - Herschelwedge / Solarprism 1 1/4'' with built in ND3.0 Filter

High quality 1 1/4" Herschelwedge with built in ND3.0 filter for safely solar observation and photography.
Manufacturer : APM
SKU : LU-0558211
Price: 229.00 € incl tax 19% (Germany)
Delivery date : 1-2 days
Product description

Herschelwedges (Solar prisms) are made for the solar observation with refractors. Around 95% of the incoming solar light will be blocked. With a variable polarising filter or strong grey filters, the sunlight can be reduced to an usable amount. Unlike objective solar filters, the filtering happens close to the eyepiece or camera. Normally the resulting contrast and sharpness of the image will be qualitative better with a Herschel wedge. The full solar energy enters the telescope and the filtering happens close to the focal plane, so we only recommend refractors for the work with a Herschel wedge. And important, the refractor shouldn't have a rear corrector lens. The optical elements would heated up through the concentrated energy and could be damaged. Also filters are only allowed at the eyepiece side of the Herschel wedge and not at the front side.

Additional to a better image quality, the Herschel wedge offers more light. So you can use special contrast filters, like the Baader Solar Continuum. With filters like these you can increase the contrast of the sun image. Of course 5% are too much for visual solar observation. So, you need an additional filter for light reduction.  A Neutral Density 3 Filter can be screwed directly in the eyepiece. Because the Herschel wedge produces polarized light, you only need to screw in a simple polarizing filter into the eyepiece or photo adapter for additional light reduction. Now you can rotate the eyepiece and so reduce the light level. With additional grey filters and the Baader Solar Continuum Filter you can reduce the brightness to the required amount and so setup the contrast.

This Herschel wedge comes with integrated ND3 density filter.

The Lunt Herschel wegde offers a really good performance for a very reasonable price.


  • High quality surfaces for best contrast values
  • Completely closed body with light catch
  • No come out light, therefore secure working
  • Delivery with solid Aluminum case


  • Lunt Herschel wedge 1¼"
  • Integrated ND3 density filter
  • Aluminum carrying case
Products specifications
Type of filterWhitelight solarfilter
Made for telescopeRefractors
Aperture1 1/4"
Weightca. 5 oz without Case
ConstructionHerschelwedge with inscrewed ND3.0 Filter

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