Apochromatical Refractors, 2-lens, opt. Tube:

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NIKON 100 mm F/1200 mm ED Apo Refractor Telescope , 50 mm illuminated finderscope, 2" eyepiece holder, original eyepiece holder, clam shell, 4" glas-solarfilter (original NIKON), wooden transport case, including NIKON/Japan equatorial Mount incl. Polarfinder 6x20 (7.5°) which can be illuminated, 2 counterweights each 5.5 kg, dual axis drive with handcontroller (2 x , 4 x , 8 x speed) , PEC +/-3", converter AC100V/DC12V, ultrastrong casting pedestal. Equatorial head weight 18 kg, pedestal weight about 26 kg, Polarfine adjustment from 10° to 60°, AZ fine adjustment. Payload is giant about 30 kg. The mount is in very good condition,everything works great and smooth. The optics of this NIKON is as colorfree and as perfect as the best Zeiss APQ 100/1000

Item condition: used Item with possible small cosmetic deffect, but every function works perfect

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