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Starwave 80 ED Triplet APO Travel Refraktor 80/480 ( F/6); Starwave 80 EDT-R Specifications & Features: Optical tube with air-spaced 80mm F6 Triplet ED lens system (480mm focal length) Hoya FCD100 ED (SD) glass element and mating elements housed in a precision adjustable CNC machined lens cell with temperature compensation interleaving. Super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) on all air to glass surfaces. Resolving Power (Dawes Limit) 1.45 arc seconds Visual Limiting Magnitude 12.2 maximum Weight approx. 3kg, OTA length with dewshield retracted, 39cm. Precision CNC machined components and tube made from light, tough aluminium alloy with matte powder coat and hard anodising. Retractable lens shade / dew shield. 2.5" "Rack 'n Pinion" Geared dual speed focuser with 1:10 micro-focuser. Entire focuser rotates relative to the optical tube for easy photographic composition. Teflon tension-adjustment screws and Teflon collet ensure focuser rotates smoothly. Self-Centering 2" to 1.25" reducer with brass compression rings included. Front aluminium push-fit lens cap, rear plastic 1.25" dust plug. Standard 1.75" dovetail bar with stainless steel M6 cap-head screws included. Tube Rings with M6 threaded holes with 30mm spacing, compatible with Altair and most other mounting dovetail plates and bars. Hard Carry Case with foam insert, handle and keys. Case Dimensions 22cm Width x 45cm Length x 17.5cm Depth Scope of Delivery: Optical Tube 2x Tuberings Moutingplate Case

Item condition: new and original packed

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Starwave 80 ED Triplet APO Travel Refraktor Scope of delivery: Optical tube 2x tube clamps Mounting plate Case

Item condition: new and original packed

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APM - Telescope APO FPL 53 Refractor 115/805 2.5"ZTA; This one was tuned by the company Wellenform to the maximum performance, dat took days and cost a lot of extra money Serial No. 22001 Waveform test date : 22.04.2022 Strehl : 98,6 RMS : 1/52.63 P.t.v : 1/9.1 Test wavelength : 546 nm Green Product description Just a tad heavier than the 105 Apo, yet perfectly transportable, is our 115mm system (4.5") with a focal length of 805mm (f/7.0). Again, we use optics from the APM SuperED FPL 53 APO series, which is very harmoniously matched in terms of visual and photographic application. 10mm more aperture does not sound much, but already means an increased limiting magnitude as well as improved resolution, e.g. at the double star. The light collecting area is already about 30% larger than with 100mm optics! The focal length of about 800mm is chosen very universally, with our 0.75x Riccardi-Reducer a CCD-friendly focal length of about 600mm can be achieved. For those who love planetary details, there are high quality Barlow systems to choose from, also solar observation is a pleasure with the appropriate accessories. Here, too, the Apo shows its full class in definition and contrast. The instrument comes standard with 2.5" ZTA focuser (1:10 micro-reduced, 360° rotatable) as well as finder shoe, Vixen-level mounting rail and 2" - 1.25" connection adapter. The system is "ready to work". M63 and M68 female threads are also available. With 7.6kg final weight, nothing stands in the way of the astro safari! Features: Very high quality Triplet SuperED FPL 53 APO optics (Made in Japan). Modern broadband multicoating Stable and well thought-out tube APM 2.5" ZTA extension 1:10 stepped, 360° rotatable Ideal for photographic and visual purposes Excellent price/performance ratio Scope of delivery: Optical tube 115/805mm with sliding dew cap. APM CNC tube clamps APM 2.5" ZTA extension 1:10 stepped, 360° rotatable APM Fast Lock reducing adapter 2" / 1¼" Mounting rail Vixen compatible Cover on both sides Carrying handle Transport case

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