Askar 80PHQ 80 mm f/.5 Quadruplet Flatfield Super APO Astrograph

Askar 80PHQ 80 mm f/.5 Quadruplet Flatfield Super APO Astrograph

The 80PHQ is a very transportable APO refractor for astrophotography with corrected field of view up to full frame format and for observing up to the highest magnification range.


  • Aperture 80 mm / focal length 600 mm / focal ratio f/7.5
  • 4-element Petzval system with color clean triplet objective and one corrector lens built into the tube
  • Stable 3" RAP focuser with dual speed and 360° rotation
  • Sufficient working distance for observation with 2" accessories
  • Suitable photo adapters are included in delivery
  • Illuminated image circle with very good correction up to full frame format
  • CNC tube rings with Vixen style EQ5 dovetail bars and carrying handle
  • Finder shoe for standard finder and mini guiding telescopes available
  • High quality carrying case for optimal protection of the telescope
  • Each Quadruplet Apo is inspected upon receipt, you will receive an optimally adjusted telescope for successful photography and observation from the very beginning.
Manufacturer : TS Optics
Price: 1679.83 € excl tax
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description
Askar 80 mm f/7.5 APO Astrograph
With the PHQ series Askar has developed flatfield apos, where the imaging quality on the axis and in the field is paramount. The focal ratio is moderate, but the stellar imaging is excellent. The 80 mm PHQ offers magnifications up to over 200x with good contrast.

The Askar 80PHQ is a real all-rounder
The transportable telescope can be used for almost all areas of amateur astronomy and offers a very good optical performance.

  • Deep sky astrophotography with 600 mm focal length and a very large corrected field of view. Everything from high-resolution cameras with fine pixels to full-frame cameras can be used.
  • Easy to use - just focus and you are at the optimum distance for very good field correction.
  • Planetary and lunar photography, due to the very good correction of the optics on the axis and in the field, sharp and high-contrast images are achieved, even with focal length extension.
  • Visual observation, the generous working distance also allows the use of 2" accessories.

The photographic 3" rack & pinion focuser:
The CNC focuser is optimized for photography and can handle a load of up to 8 kg. The travel range of 110 mm is very generous. The drawtube is adjusted via rack-and-pinion drive. The drive is decoupled from the bearing of the drawtube. This guarantees fine and precise adjustment even at maximum load. In addition to the 1.25" and 2" receptacles, the focuser also offers threads for screw adaptations.

So we hand over the apo to the amateur astronomer:
Each individual AS80PHQ quadruplet apo is inspected in our technical department before being stored to guarantee consistently high product quality.

  • The mechanics are tested, the focuser is optimally adjusted.
  • The objective is cosmetically checked and cleaned. In addition, it is checked whether all counter screws are correctly tightened. Often these loosen during transport.
  • The optics are collimated and the result is checked on the optical bench.
  • Only then are the telescopes transferred to the warehouse and prepared for shipment.

Scope of Delivery:
  • 80PHQ apo
  • CNC tube rings with carrying handle and dovetail bar
  • Finder shoe mounted on the focuser
  • Set of 4 photographic adapters
  • Manual
  • Production protocol of the manufacturer
  • Carrying case
Products specifications
Aperture80 mm
Connection to eyepiece2"
Focal ratiof/7.5
Type of telescope4-Element Apo Refractor
Focal length600mm
Focuser3" focuser/micro step
LensAir-spaced triplet lens
Backfokusvis. 148 mm(from the end of 2" eyepiece holder), foto. 115 mm(from M48×0.75 male thread), 135 mm(from M54×0.75 male thread), 155 mm(from M68×1 male thread), 168.5 mm(from M76×1 male thread)
Length during observing540 mm (with 1.25" adapter) to 570 mm (with all 4 photo adapters)
Transportation length448 mm (with 1.25" adapter) to 477 mm (with all 4 photo adapters)
Total weight4.7 Kg