Askar ACL200 Gen. 2 - 200 mm f/4 APO telephoto lens for astrophotography

Askar ACL200 Gen. 2 - 200 mm f/4 APO telephoto lens for astrophotography

The ACL200 from Askar is a professional apo with very good correction with all possibilities of a manual telephoto lens for full-frame cameras

  • Focal length 200 mm / focal ratio f4 / aperture 50 mm
  • Fully-fledged astronomical APO optics with integrated field flattening - illumination and correction up to full frame size
  • Image free of chromatic aberrations and reflections
  • Fine focus mode (front ring) for exact focus adjustment for astrophotography (0.002 mm accuracy)
  • Integrated aperture adjustment from f/4 to f/22 for landscape photography (depth of field)
  • Working distance 55 mm from the M48x0.75 thread, so all common cameras can be connected
  • Working distance 66.3 mm from the M69x1 female thread for individual adaptations
  • Screw-in option for 2" filter
  • Focusing range from 3 meters to beyond infinity
  • Including dew cap and stray light protection - screwed
  • Gen. 2 with universal viewfinder shoe and multi-function adapter plate for photo tripods and EQ5-level quick release.
Manufacturer : Sharpstar
Price: 945.00 € incl tax 19% (Germany)
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description

Askar breaks new ground with the ACL200. For the first time a full apochromatic refractor was combined with the comfortable handling of a telephoto lens. Especially the requirements of astrophotographers were taken into account. With the ACL200 perfect astrophotographs succeed right from the start.

Astrophotographic results obtained with this telescope on Astrobin

Here you can find some astrophotographs made with this telescope model: Link to Astrobin

This is what distinguishes the ACL200 from conventional telephoto lenses:

  • The lens is a 4 element apo with two special ED lenses for best possible chromatic correction. The 2-element corrector is permanently installed in the tube and guarantees a distortion-free field up to full frame size.
  • In addition to the normal focusing for landscape photography, there is also a micro-focusing at the front end of the apo. A rotation of 360° causes a focus adjustment of only 1 mm! So you can focus down to 0.002 mm and then fix the optimal focus position.
  • The apo has an M48x0.75 connection thread on the camera side with a working distance of 55 mm to the camera. This allows you to connect all common cameras (astro cameras, mirrorless system cameras and of course DSLR) with the appropriate T-ring.
  • In addition, the apo has an M69x1 female thread with a working distance of 66.5 mm. This allows you to realize individual adaptations. With our M69-M48 adapter with only 1 mm length, you thus gain over 10 mm for the connection of filter wheels, drawers, etc.
  • The apo is equipped with a universal connection facility with 360° rotation. So you can always position the object optimally in the camera.
  • ACL200 Gen. 2: The telephoto lens can now be directly adapted to mounts with Vixen / EQ5 style saddles. In addition, the multifunction plate naturally offers the connection for photo tripods via the 1/4" or 3/8" thread.
  • ACL200 Gen. 2: On the top is a flexible finder shoe with five clamping options and two screws. This allows you to attach guidescopes but also, for example, the ZWO ASIAIR.
  • Of course, you can also use the apo without restrictions for landscape and wildlife photography. The results will inspire you.

Scope of Delivery:
  • Askar ACL200  
  • Dew shield  
  • Multifunctional plate  
  • Handle with finder shoe  
  • Dust caps  
  • Transport box

Products specifications
Connection to cameraM48 x 0.75 Thread
Tube diameter100 mm
Working distance from the camera thread55 mm from the M48 external thread
Focal length200mm
Type of telescope6-Element Flatfield APO
Focal ratiof4 up to f22
Total weight1500g
ConnectingthreadAdditional: M69x1 female thread with 66,3 mm working distance
FilterthreadM82x0.75 filter thread