BRESSER Messier MC-100/1400 EXOS-1/EQ4 Telescope

BRESSER Messier MC-100/1400 EXOS-1/EQ4 Telescope

Advanced Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with mount and tripod

  • High-quality telescope with very sharp optics and stable EXOS-1 equatorial mount.
  • Aperture: 100mm / Focal length: 1400mm / Focal ratio: f/14
  • Load-bearing capacity up to 7 kg, depending on the length of the telescope
  • Perfect for observing the moon, planets and small and bright deep sky objects
  • Scope of delivery: OTA, mount, tripod, eyepiece (26mm), LED viewfinder, zenith prism, eyepiece adapter, dovetail plate, astronomy software
  • EXOS-1 mount with flexible shafts for manual tracking of celestial objects
  • Telescope for night and solar observation
  • Aperture solar-filter included
Manufacturer : Bresser
SKU : BR-4710147
Price: 397.00 € incl tax 19% (Germany)
Delivery date : 3-4 days
Product description

NEW – now including a high-quality aperture Solar-filterfor safe observation of sunspots, eclipses and planet transits. Great telescope fornight and solar observation.

TheBRESSER Messier MC-100 telescopeexcels with high rigidity and tack-sharp optics. The 100mm aperture enables you to observe small bright nebulas, globular clusters, the moon, planets and a lot more in the depth of space. The high rigidity of theEXOS-1 mountallows for relaxed observations and is helpful for those making their first attempts at astrophotography.
Thetelescopeis perfect for observing the moon and the planets with high magnifications. TheEXOS-1 mountwith flexible shafts provides an optimal basis to make the observing as easy as possible.


  • Telescope for night and solar observation
  • High-quality Maksutov-Cassegrain optics with high focal length and extremely sharp image
  • Ideal for small bright nebulas, globular clusters, the moon, planets
  • Optical design: Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Maximum recommended magnification: 200x
  • Aperture: 100 mm
  • Focal length: 1400 mm
  • Aperture ratio: f/14
  • Universal 44 mm Dovetail plate with stainless steel rail (fits LXD75/Great Polaris/EQ5)


  • Stable parallactic mount with fine drive in both axes
  • Circular bubble level for easy horizontal alignment
  • Stable height-adjustable stainless steel tripod
  • Retrofittable with a tracking motor for the right ascension axis
  • Pole height scale for setting the latitude
  • Scaled graduated circular rings for easier finding of objects by means of star atlas or planetarium software
  • Tripod weight: 4.7 kg
  • Mount weight: 4 kg (without counterweight)
  • Total weight incl. counterweight: 10.7 kg


  • Maksutov Optical Tube Assembly 
  • 26 mm Super Plössl eyepiece (31.7mm / 1.25")
  • SC Eyepiece adapter (31.7mm / 1.25")
  • Star diagonal mirror
  • Dovetail plate for GP Level
  • LED viewfinder
  • Aperture solar-filter
  • Rotatable star map
  • Software Stellarium (via download)
  • 1 x 2 kg counterweight
  • Equatorial EXOS 1 mount with stainless steel tripod
Products specifications
Connection to eyepiece1 1/4"
Max. useful visual power200 x
DesignationEquatorial, EXOS 1
Type of telescopeMaksutov Cassegrain
Aperture100 mm
Focal length1400 mm
Focal ratiof/14