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 Electr. Acc., Cable, GPS, Hand boxes
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iOptron Cable for Hand Controller

  • works with all iOptron controllers
  • for connecting GoToNova controller and mount
26.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

The Go2Nova 8410 is the latest hand box for iOptron SkyHunter travel mounts.

  • suitable for: iOptron SkyHunter mounts
  • large 8-line LCD screen
  • works even at low temperatures
  • 9 different slewing speeds
  • easy and precise alignment
444.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

This module equips your mount with a 32-channel receiving system for the Global Positioning System (GPS).

  • adds GPS functionality to the CEM26/GEM28
  • is also a replacement module for CEM40/GEM45
  • 32-channel configuration for quick and precise locating
  • comes with connection cable
134.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
This combination of a portable mini guiding scope and an iGuider camera is suitable for guiding with short to medium focal length telescopes.
  • Aperture 30 mm
  • Focal length 120 mm
  • 1280x960 pixels
  • 6.44 arc seconds / pixel
  • ASCOM guiding (no ST-4 guiding)
  • Only 200 g
353.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

The iOptron iPolar replaces the polar alignment scope and guarantees the most accurate alignment of your mount.

  • This Polar Finder fits all iOptron CEM120 mounts
  • The image is generated via a lens, the sky region is projected onto a sensitive CMOS sensor and evaluated via intelligent software.
  • A large field of view of 13° guarantees that the celestial pole is already detected at the sensor, even if only coarsely polar aligned
  • USB Plug and Play - no driver required
  • Works in the northern and southern hemisphere.
  • Perfect polar alignment for best possible tracking accuracy is achieved.
  • The electronic polar finder comes without mount adaption
339.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

The adapter allows the iOptron # 3339 to be connected to CEM120 mounts.

  • 3340A-120 connection adapter iOptron iPolar
  • Suitable for CEM120 mounts
  • Mount and electronic polar finder are not included in the scope of delivery
42.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

The iOptron Wi-Fi Adapter StarFi allows cable-free control of your iOptron CEM40 and GEM45 mount with your preferred operating software.

  • Password protection
  • Connects the mount to your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Also supports iOS and Android
  • Permits working with your preferred planetarium software via ASCOM
146.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days