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M68/M86 negativ-negativ Converter (for M68M63M48p Riccardi Adapter to Esprit100/120/150 focuser) This adapter allows M68 accessories to be mounted INSIDE ESPRIT drawers with M86 threads (Esprit100, Esprit-120 and Esprit150). The first step is to screw the M68 accessories into the M68M86n adapter. This can be done from both sides, depending on the intended use (e.g. optics or other adapters). If the M68 accessory is not too wide, the already screwed together unit can be completely countersunk into the eyepiece extension without loss of light path. It is often bought together with the adapter "M68M63M48p" (see photo below), in order to be able to countersink the Riccardi Reducer in the eyepiece extension without tilting. Scope of delivery: Adapter

Item condition: new and original packed

75.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days