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Skywatcher 2 "Newton rack and pinion with curved base for 200 mm Newton

Item condition: new, but not original packed

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49.00 €
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The TS monorail extension for 6 "and 8" RC telescopes from TS-Optics, GSO and Omegon as well as several refractors from Skywatcher is a further development of the proven Crayford extension. The advantages of the monorail focuser at a glance: higher load capacity than normal Crayford pull-outs - instead of small ball bearings, a solid stainless steel rail is used that is fixed on the side. more precise guidance of the inner tube and no more tilting when clamping Motor focus can be retrofitted How the MONORAIL pull-out works and the advantage over Crayford pull-outs: Instead of small ball bearings, as is the case with Crayford pull-outs, a solid stainless steel rail takes care of the storage and also the lateral fixation. The disadvantage of ball-bearing Crayford pull-outs: The small ball bearings of the Crayford pull-out are loaded when clamped. In addition, since the clamping screw is not exactly between the ball bearings, a pair of the ball bearings is more heavily loaded. The result is a tilt and blurred stars in one corner. The advantage of the MONORAIL principle: The function of the ball bearings is taken over by the stainless steel rail, which is permanently connected to the extension tube. Nothing can twist anymore. Only the lateral guidance is still taken over by ball bearings. However, these bearings only fix the lateral position and no longer have to absorb any load. The extension tube is fixed by means of a clamping screw that is exactly centered on the top. As a result, the entire construction is evenly loaded. There is definitely no more twisting, the extension tube remains 100% in the prescribed position. With the lower central screw you only set the friction (frictional resistance). TS Optics is a brand of Teleskop-Service.

Item condition: used Item with possible small cosmetic deffect, but every function works perfect

134.45 €
Delivery date : 2-3 days