The most complete line of made in Italy focusers for telescopes and astrophotography! Great design, lots of features and high performance at an affordable price.

- ESATTO is the all-in-one robotic microfocuser with high performance and load capacity that can be controlled from EAGLE or a Windows computer via a simple USB cable or from a smartphone/tablet with a WiFi connection.

- SESTO SENSO is the universal focusing motor that connects to the focusers of many telescopes and allows remote control.

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Versatile Motor Focus from PrimaLucelab with adaption to many focusers

  • Outstanding precision of 0.7 microns/step
  • Compatible to a wide range of focusers, often without external brackets
  • Controlled by PC via USB-C (reversible) or tablet/smartphone via its own WiFi network
  • Motor and electronics are fully integrated into the casing
  • Dimmable status LEDs can even be turned off and are helpful at night
  • Compact dimensions of 87.5 x 60 x 43 mm
  • Included: configuration software with extensive control options, available via download
  • ASCOM driver allows control with all conventional astro software
    Works especially fine with the ARCO camera rotator
  • Can be supplied with a temperature probe for automatic focus correction
349.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

Esatto by Primaluce is a motorized focuser of the latest generation for the best possible results in astrophotography.

  • Load capacity up to 5 kg without bending due to 8 specially developed ball bearings
  • Short design with only 67 mm overall height
  • 15 mm focus path with an incredible resolution of only 0.04 micron per step
  • Adapters for connection to various telescopes and camera adapters are available
  • Remote control by EAGLE or any Windows computer with control software (ASCOM compatible)
  • USB connection to your computer (cable included)
  • Remote control with WIFI possible from any smartphone, tablet or computer - due to the ESTATTO Virtual-HandPad app also for visual use

749.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

ESATTO 3" is the robotic microfocuser perfect for many telescopes like large refractors, Ritchey-Chrétiens or Cassegrains, specifically designed for astrophotography.

  • Crayford style focuser with 28 ball bearings
  • Specially designed for very high load capacity (up to 8 kg) with no flexure
  • Low profile design with only 77 mm thickness
  • 25 mm focuser travel with an incredible resolution of 0.04 microns per step!
  • Special adapters available to easily connect to many different telescopes
  • Remotely controlled from EAGLE or any Windows computer, with dedicated control software or ASCOM drivers
  • USB-C connector offering greater reliability and can be connected to any USB type port thanks to the included cable
  • Remote control with WiFi from any smartphone, tablet or computer and ESATTO Virtual HandPad app also for visual use!
  • Many camera threaded adapters available with stop ring on the camera side to rotate and keep the camera in the optical axis
  • ARCO port to easily connect the ARCO camera rotator to the ESATTO without the need for additional data or power cables

969.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days