Fornax 100 GoTo Mount for telescopes up to 90 kg weight

Fornax 100 GoTo Mount for telescopes up to 90 kg weight

The Fornax 100 is a highly accurate equatorial GoTo mount for astrophotography and observation.
Manufacturer : Fornax Mount
Price: 7024.37 € excl tax
Delivery date : 3-4 weeks
Product description
Fornax 100 GoTo Mount for telescopes up to 90 kg weight

The mounts are manufactured in Hungary by experienced amateur astronomers and professional precision mechanics. The result are stable mounts with precise mechanics for astrophotography.

The mounts consist of a combination of aluminium alloy, cast aluminium, bronze and stainless steel. The sensitive parts, such as worm, worm wheel and of course the motors, are sealed watertight and dustproof in the robust housing. This guarantees a long service life. The mounts can also be used well in observatories. The mounts do not react to temperature fluctuations and are practically maintenance-free.

The typical periodic error without autoguiding is very small at +/-6 arc seconds. It also occurs very slowly. A period is 7.5 minutes long. Any standard autoguider can guide the mount without any problems. Of course, the MC5 Goto control also offers the autoguiding interface.

"The Fornax 52 is a good mount, it has a great value for the money. It has no backlash, and reacts immediately to guiding corrections on both axes."

The MC5 GoTo controller with hand box
The control was developed by Ursa Minor for large mounts and is ideal for Fornax mounts. Of course, the control unit is delivered readily adjusted with the mount. About 50,000 objects are already contained in the database.

Power supply 12 V to 30 V - we recommend 24-30 Volt stabilized power supply
Maximum current consumption 2.5 A (controller only)
Computer connection - USB available
Autoguiderport ST4 level available
DSLR control (2.5 mm stereo jack) available

Scope of Delivery:
  • Mount
  • Controller with handbox

Note: Counterweights per KG 11 EUR (please specify when ordering)
Products specifications
DesignationParallactic GOTO mount
Power Supply12 V 5 A
Motorssteppermotor in both axis
Material wormSteel K013 - 22 mm Durchmesser
Weight equatorial head50Kg
Payload max. (depending on using and demand)90 kg visual / 70 kg fotografic
Transportation length300 x 400 x 400 mm
CounterweightbarD= 42,4 mm, L= 570 mm
Diameter of Gear / Number of ToothBronce - 242,5 mm Diameter - 192 Touth
Maximum slew speed4°/s