Higher Entry Level

Here you will find telescopes with improved mounts and larger optics that can also show more objects and smaller details. They are more expandable than the small entry-level telescopes.

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The large mirror with a short focal length allows the observation of many celestial objects.
389.00 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days

This easy to transport, computerized telescope will provide beginners with a lifetime of pleasure!

  • This extremely compact Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope is basically a reflecting telescope with an additional Maksutov lens at the front. This corrective lens ensures a crisp image with no chromatic aberration.
  • The altazimuth mount uses two motors, for horizontal and vertical movement, to navigate the night sky.
  • The well-proven Autostar electronic control hand box comes included in delivery. The AutoStar software works without needing a PC or laptop, and lets you automatically slew to and follow a large number of astronomical objects, so that the target object always remains in the field of view despite the earth's rotation.
  • The LED red dot finder provided makes observing the night sky even easier.
  • An optional 45° erecting prism can be used to turn the telescope into a spotting scope for observing terrestrial objects during the day.
939.00 €
Delivery date : 3-4 days
A good priced Dobson with very good diffraction limited optic and enhanced 94% coating
899.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
A good priced Dobson with very good diffraction limited optic and enhanced 94% coating
699.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
A beautiful looking and powerful refractor for beginners or as a transportable second instrument.
609.00 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
Powerful 150 mm Newtonian with EQ3-2 Mount.
599.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
The Skywatcher 127 mm Maksutov is a compact and powerful telescope for observing and photography.
759.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
The Sky-Watcher EVOSTAR-90 (EQ2) telescope is a classic two-element, air-spaced, achromatic refractor.
309.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Die Starscope Teleskopserie ist die Empfehlung von Teleskop Service für den Start in die Astronomie. Dieses Spiegelfernrohr mit 130 mm Öffnung bietet eine enorme Lichtsammelfähigkeit.
229.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days