IDAS Filter from Japan

IDAS filters effectively suppress stray light from cities and thus increase the contrast of astronomical objects. This enables photography and observation of faint nebulae even near cities.

IDAS filters are manufactured in Japan and offer very good optical processing for best possible results. Due to a high quality anti-reflective coating, disturbing reflections and halos around bright stars are significantly reduced.
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With this filter set, you can take visual RGB images, VIS-IR RGB images and, if using an optional IR pass filter, NIR RGB images.

  • color rendering similar to that of the human
  • versatile due to transmissions in VIS and NIR
  • suitable for cameras with 1.25" connection
  • reflex-reducing design
  • more durable coating for safer cleaning
298.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

IDAS narrowband filter set for astrophotography - high contrast - also for fast telescopes - up to 70% transmission at f/2

  • H-Alpha 6.8nm, O-III 6.0nm and S-II 6.3 nm half width
  • 2" mounted standard filter thread
  • Low profile filter mount - height only 6 mm
  • Reflection minimizing coating
  • no halo problem due to anti-reflective layer
  • Half-widths for wide range of applications
  • Can also be used on extremely fast telescopes
  • Made in Japan
1269.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

The nebula filter passes H-Beta, O-III and H-Alpha and is designed for astrophotography.

  •  IDAS nebula filters are produced in Japan
  •  The NB1-48 is supplied in a filter cell with M48x0.75 / 2" filter thread
  •  Exposure time factor 4 - four times the exposure time is possible before you reach the sky background.
  •  The filter is especially well suited for tricolor shots of nebulae with color cameras
  •  Scattered light and nightglow are effectively suppressed, leaving stars and sky background relatively neutral
  •  High-quality anti-reflection coating
  •  Scratch-resistant hard coating
  •  With 2.5 mm thickness the filter is parfocal to other IDAS filters
  •  The infrared light is blocked, so the filter also fulfills the function of an IR blocking filter.
264.00 €
Delivery date : 3-4 days