M63 Adapter

M63 Adapter

M63 Adapter
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Adapter for the small M63 APM-Riccardi Apo-Reducer to connect M48 thread accessories.
44.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1-4 days
M74/M63 Connection adapter for Riccardi M63 Reducer on Skywatcher ESPRIT Apos
70.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1-2 weeks
This adapter allows to install the M63 APM-Riccardi Apo reducer inside the focuser barrel of different 3" focuser
57.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1-4 days
Adapter for APM-Riccardi Apo-Reducer M63 at Telescopes with M68 Thread.
49.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1-4 days
The adapter allows a threaded connection of accessories like correctors and photo accessories to focusers and adapters with female M63x1 thread.
99.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1-4 days

The adapter allows for example the connection of correctors with M63x1 thread to telescopes with M54x0.75 internal thread on the camera side

  • Thread Extraction side: M54x0.75 external thread
  • Thread camera side: M63x1 female thread - suitable for many correctors with the corresponding male thread
59.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1-4 days

This adapter is necessary for connecting the full-frame 3" corrector from TS to the 2.5" focuser with M63x1 female thread.

  • Thread at the telescope side: M63x1 thread (male)
  • Thread at camera side: M92x1 (female)
  • For focuser: 2,5" R&P focuser from TS and 2,5" Feather Touch focuser from Starlight Instruments
85.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 4-8 weeks
TS Optics M68x1 adapter to M63x1 female thread. It allows M68 accessories with telescopes and correctors having a female M63x1 thread.
44.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1-4 days
With the variable extension tube 20.5-31 mm, you can exactly set the working distance and mount even very heavy cameras.
55.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1-4 days
All New Camera Angle Rotator for 2.5" M63 Focuser

Fits :
Z73, Z103, Z126, GT71, new 2018 GT81 and all other brand Focuser with M63 threads.
149.00 €
Estimated delivery time : 1 week