Another first for solar astronomy, the Altair G-Band 2nm Solar filter enhances finer details in the solar photosphere.
The Altair Dichroic Solar Energy Rejection Filter or D-ERF protects your telescope and solar imaging equipment from excessive heat build-up when solar imaging or observing with your Daystar Hydrogen Alpha Quark, or other Hydrogen Alpha Etalon filters.
SC001 Wifi Camera for Capturing Photos and Video for APM Spotting Scope Telescope
Antares elliptical secondary mirrors
ZWO Seestar S50 Smart Telescope
Rowan AZ100 Mount with GoTo Motor System
ATT 2023 in Essen -07 April 2023
We are there: ATT 2023 in Essen The ATT Team of the Walter-Hohmann-Sternwarte e. V. is pleased to announce the date for the next ATT: 13 May 2023, 10 am to 6 pm at the Gymnasium am Stoppenberg, Essen. Stay healthy and see you at the next ATT, your ATT team of the Walter-Hohmann-Sternwarte
P75 - Trident Direct Friction Drive Telescope Mount
Reference class: New eyepiece from Kowa 14mm/80° adapted to 1.25"/2" with extender 9mm focal length
Ideal for observatories and clubs as a demonstration unit: Unistellar eQuinox2 and eVScope2