Professional Night Vision Binoculars

Professional Night Vision Binoculars

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The MFB75 multi-function binocular is an intelligent observation device integrating infrared, low-light and visible light sensor.


  • Thermal Channel 640×512, 12µm
  • Color Day Channel 2400×19202, 5.0 MP
  • Low Light Level Channel 800×600, 8µm
  • Image Fusion
  • Laser Rangefinder 1550nm
  • Location Module GPS Build in
  • Digital Magnetic Compass
  • Laser Pointer 830nm, 5mW
  • Display HD 1280×1024 OLED
  • Weight 2.0kg (With Battery)
  • Operating Time ≥10h
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Estimated delivery time : 3 months
This is a single tube, dual eye” one of the most popular night vision goggles in industry. Fully adjustable, padded headgear allows the device to be flipped-up or quickly detached from the mask. Optional 3X or 5X magnification multicoated lens will convert this device into a high performance long range binoculars. They’re lightweight, fully submersible, rugged, precisely built and easy to use. This model is able to accommodate both AA and CR123 batteries without any accessories.


  • Lightweight construction
  • High strength with metal fuselage
  • Three-light separation and optical design, digital image acquisition can be realized without affecting visual observation
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance
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Estimated delivery time : 1-2 months