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Our promotion at the beginning of spring: If you buy one or more of the following products in the category Spring Discount our shop at www.apm-telescopes.net/en/spring-discount, you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase.

Simply enter the voucher code APMSPRING22 in the shopping cart when completing the order (only for registered users, no guest orders, voucher can only be used once).

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Bresser EXOS2 Mount complete with GoTo Controller and Steel Tripod.
696.64 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
The Bresser Messier 10" dobsonian is simply a breakthrough. Despite of its low price this telesccope offers a versatility and quality rivaling a lot more expensive telecopes.
570.59 €
Delivery date : on request
352.10 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
Advanced Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with Goto mount and tripod
973.95 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
Bresser Messier NT203s/800 Optical Tube
444.54 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
Portable power storage (mobile power bank) in maxi format from BRESSER. With a powerful and recharcheable 155Wh lithium-ion battery and various connection options ...
130.25 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
NANO AR-80/640 AZ
175.63 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Smartphone Camera Adapter for taking pictures included
259.66 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
It is perfect for beginners and advanced amateur astronomers who want to explore the night sky with all its interesting objects
264.71 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
Solarix Telescope 76/350 with Solar Filter - The first "all in one" newtonian telescope package that enables you to observe the sun and the starry night sky
94.12 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
Spica 130/1000 EQ3 with Solar-filter
284.87 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Celestron 200 mm Newtonian with focal ratio 1:5
417.65 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days