Starlight Instruments Feather Touch FTF2015BCR-LW 2 Inch Focuser

Starlight Instruments Feather Touch FTF2015BCR-LW 2 Inch Focuser

The ultra-lightweight 2" high-end focuser offers 63 mm of focusing travel and is suitable for DIY and telescope upgrade.
Manufacturer : Starlight Instruments
Price: 610.08 € excl tax
Delivery date : 1-4 weeks
Product description
Starlight Instruments Feather Touch FTF2025BCR-LW 2 Inch Focuser

The proven 2015BCR has been further developed to achieve the best possible weight savings while maintaining maximum stability. The focuser´s housing has been notched out and the draw tube has been custom machined, now the focuser weighs a mere 0.948 lbs. (0.430 kg).
At the same time, it remains as stable as the normal drawer and can be loaded up to approx. 4 kg.

Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch focuser
Focusers from this manufacturer are among the best. All bearing parts are made of hardened stainless steel for best possible smoothness even at maximum load. The focusers have no signs of wear. The adjustment is still like on the first day even after years. Hardened stainless steel running wheels and a hardened stainless steel bearing surface guarantee smooth yet very accurate adjustment.

Adapting the focuser to the telescope
The focuser has a ring dovetail that fits various adapters from Starlight and from TS-Optics. This allows you to connect the focuser to the telescope.

  • Telescopes with rear view (refractor, Cassegrain ...) - the housing of the focuser is very short, only 37 mm. So the focuser can be used with telescopes with short focus position.
  • Telescopes with side view (Newtonian) - suitable bases and spacers are linked. However, it is not recommended to use this focuser for Newtonians, as the drawtube will protrude far into the inside of the tube when the shortest focuser position is set. For Newtonian telescopes, we recommend the FTF2015BCR (or FTF2015BCR-LW) instead, whose smaller adjustment range allows for a shorter drawtube.

In the Box:
  • focuser
Products specifications
Reduction1 : 10 Micro Focusing
Connection to eyepiece2"
Draw Tube Travel63.5mm
Modell / Draw Tube Drive Mechanism2" Focuser with dual Speed
Total lengthMax. 101.727mm
HeightMax 101.73mm Min 35.7mm