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case for TMB 105/650 CNC

Item condition: used Item with possible small cosmetic deffect, but every function works perfect

301.68 €
Delivery date : 2-3 days
Case for APM 152 F/8 ED Apo

Item condition: new and original packed

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295.00 €
Delivery date : 2-3 days
Product description TS CaseR130 travel case for refractor telescopes up to 130mm aperture A quality storage- and transport case protects your telescope against dust, dew and shocks. Suitable for the following telescopes: The case offers space for telescopes up to 145mm tube diameter (the dewcap can be bigger) and 770mm length. The CaseR130 is perfect for: TS Optics 130mm f/7 APOs TSED110f7 - ED refractor with 110mm aperture LZOS APO refractors with 123mm aperture and 738mm focal length

Item condition: new and original packed

151.26 €
Delivery date : 2-3 days