TS-Optics 0.92 Reducer for 96 mm f/6 APO and ED Refractor

TS-Optics 0.92 Reducer for 96 mm f/6 APO and ED Refractor

The corrector is optimized for the TS 96 mm f/6 APO and ED refractor telescopes and corrects the field of view for astrophotography up to full frame format.

  • Shortening factor 0.92x
  • Connection telescope side: M63x1 male thread and M70x1 male thread
  • Connection camera side: M48x0.75 male thread
  • Working distance: 55 mm from the connection thread
  • ED design for good correction on axis and in the field
  • The corrector is optimized for all refractors with 96 mm aperture and f/6, but it will also give good results with similar telescopes.
Manufacturer : TS Optics
Price: 299.00 € incl tax 19% (Germany)
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description

TS 0.92x Field Corrector for the 96 mm f/6 APO and ED Refractors

The corrector has been optimized for these telescopes and performs very well. The field is flattened, so that the use of cameras up to full format becomes possible. At the same time, the correction on the axis is maintained. Sharpness and resolution remain intact, so cameras with very high resolution can be used.

The adaptation to the telescope:
The corrector has an M63x1 male thread on the telescope side. This allows you to screw the corrector directly to the focuser of the telescope. This guarantees an optimal fit without tilting. If you want to rotate the camera, you can still put a rotation system between the focuser and the corrector. We recommend the TSRotM63 and the reducing ring M68a-M63i.

Connecting the camera to the corrector:
An M48x0.75 male thread is available on the camera side. The working distance is 55 mm from the thread, whereas the external thread does not count, since it disappears in the connection adapter. Most system cameras, astro cameras and SLR cameras offer adapters that allow you to achieve exactly this distance.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Corrector
  • Dust caps
Products specifications
Connection to cameraM48x0.75 external thread
Working distance from the camera thread55 mm from male M48 thread
Connection to telescopeM70x1 and M63x1 male thread