TS-Optics 110 mm f/6 Apo - 2.7" RAP focuser - Tube Rings

TS-Optics 110 mm f/6 Apo - 2.7" RAP focuser - Tube Rings

The fast 110 mm ED APO offers good chromatic correction through two special glasses, it is designed for observation and astrophotography.

  • Aperture 110 mm / focal length 660 mm / focal ratio f/6
  • 2-element APO objective with FPL51 and Lanthanum glass from Ohara-Optics
  • Full multicoating for high contrast
  • 2.7" RAP focuser with ball bearing, 360° rotation and micro reduction
  • M74x1 female thread for screw adaptions
  • CNC tube rings - aluminium tube - retractable dew shield
  • Aluminium carrying case
  • Made in Taiwan
Manufacturer : TS Optics
Price: 1679.83 € excl tax
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description

TS 110 mm F6 f660 mm APO Doublet Refractor

With its fast focal ratio of f/6, the apo is faster than simple EDs, which are usually f/7 to f/9. In order to still achieve good chromatic correction, the FPL51 special glass was supplemented by another special glass (lanthanum glass). This achieves a correction equivalent to a normal f/7 to f/8 ED refractor. The high speed also offers advantages for astrophotography, an object can be exposed in just one night. Suitable correctors can be found in the accessories section.

All lens surfaces are coated with a multi-coating for maximum light transmission. Baffles inside the optical tube and in the focuser prevent reflections and ensure sharp, high-contrast images.

The TS 110 mm Apo has a high-quality 2.7" rack and pinion focuser with ball bearings. This guarantees sensitive and accurate focusing even with heavy accessories. The focuser accepts 2" and 1.25" accessories. You can also use 2" diagonals and common correctors.

The comprehensive features are complemented by sturdy CNC tube rings and a sturdy transport and storage case.

Astrophotography with the TS 110 mm f/6 Apo

The fast apochromat is very well suited for astrophotography. The robust 2.7" RAP focuser supports even heavy cameras, offers 360° rotation and has dual speed for precise focusing. We highly recommend the following correctors:

WiflatT2 - 1.0x corrector
The corrector is simply plugged into the 2" receptacle and is well suited for cameras up to APS-C format. The working distance is 55 mm from the T2 thread.

TSFLAT25G2 - 1.0x Full Frame Format Corrector
The professional corrector is designed for full frame format. For connection to the apo, the M74-TSFLAT25 (M68x1 adapter) transition adapter is required. This allows you to screw the corrector directly to the focuser.

For the correct working distance (55 mm from the M48 thread) you still need a 5 mm M68x1 extension tube # TSVM685.

TSRED379 - 0.79x focal length reduction
To all astrophotographers for whom f/6 is not fast enough, we offer a focal length reduction with field correction. The focal ratio improves to f/4.74. For the connection to the apo you need the transition adapter M74-TSFLAT25. This allows you to screw the corrector directly to the focuser.

To achieve the correct working distance of 55 mm from the M48 thread, you still need 2x M48 tuning rings with 1 mm thickness # M48abstimmring1.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 110 mm apo
  • CNC tube rings
  • 2" and 1.25" reduction
  • Dust caps
  • Aluminium carrying case
Products specifications
Focal ratiof/6
Aperture110 mm
Tube materialALU / CNC produced
Type of telescopeAPO ED Refr.
Connection to eyepiece2" / 1.25"
BackfokusLength 100 mm - removable - this extends the working distance to 240 mm.
Focuser2.7" rack & pinion focuser with ball bearings
Focal length660mm
Lens2-element APO objective