TS-Optics 110 mm f/7 ED refractor telescope with 2.5" RAP focuser

TS-Optics 110 mm f/7 ED refractor telescope with 2.5" RAP focuser

The TS 110 mm ED with 770 mm focal length is a transportable telescope for astrophotography and for observing with good color correction.

  • Aperture 110 mm / focal length 770 mm / focal ratio f/7
  • ED Dublet objective with glass from Ohara (Japan)
  • Good correction of color error by ED element up to magnifications around 220x
  • Stable 2.5" RAP focuser with 2", 1.25" ring clamp and auxiliary thread for screw adaptions
    Dual-speeed and 360° rotation of the focuser - important for astrophotography
  • 0.8x reducer and corrector for astrophotography specially calculated for the TS 110 mm f/7 ED available
  • Only 65 cm transport length and 6.8 kg weight - is well supported by a mount of the EQ5 class
  • Optimized CNC tube with retractable dew cap and CNC clamps with M6 female thread connection
  • Vixen level dovetail bar with photo tripod connection thread included
Manufacturer : TS Optics
Price: 1007.56 € excl tax
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description

TS 110 mm f/7 ED refractor with 2.5" RAP focuser - for observation and photography

The TS 110 ED offers higher resolution and 16% more light than a 102 mm refractor at a similar weight and size. The refractor can still be carried well by mounts in the EQ5 class, even for astrophotography. The 110-mm ED is a well transportable telescope for astrophotography and also for observing.

The sturdy 2.5" RAP focuser opens up new possibilities

A special feature is the modern focuser. The focuser provides better illumination than 2" focusers. The focuser is an asset for observing and also for astrophotography.

  • 360° rotation for selecting the correct field of view
  • Dual speed for precise adjustment of sharpness
  • Adjustment by a toothed rail - decoupled from the bearing
  • Motorized focus systems can be connected
  • Correctors can be screwed directly to the auxiliary thread
  • 2" and 1.25" adapters with ring clamps are included.

Astrophotography with the TS 110 mm f/7 ED refractor

The ED lens provides good imaging for astrophotography. The chromatic aberration is reduced by the 2-element ED lens. To guarantee sharpness in the image field, you will need suitable correctors, which are linked in the accessories section.

WiflatM48 1.0x Image Field Corrector:
The corrector is simply inserted into the 2" receptacle of the focuser. Tilting is not possible. The focal length is not changed. The working distance from the M48 connection thread on the camera side is 55 mm.

TSRED110 - 0.8x focal length reducer and image field corrector:
The reducer connects via the 2" barrel and shortens the focal length to 616 mm. The speed is increased from f/7 to f/5.6. The large focuser also provides good illumination here and allows connection of cameras with sensors up to APS-C format and even beyond. The working distance from the T2 (M42x0.75) thread to the sensor is 55 mm - ideal for DSLR cameras, for example.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 110 mm f7 ED
  • Dust caps for objective and focuser
  • CNC tube rings
  • Vixen / EQ5 style dovetail bar
Products specifications
Focal ratiof/7
LensDoublet ED-Apo
Aperture110 mm
Focal length770 mm
Transportation length640 mm
Tube diameter117 mm
Dewcap diameter145mm
Type of telescopeAPO ED Refr.
Connection to eyepiece2" / 1.25"
Tube weight6.8 kg
Focuser2.5" RAP 360° rotation, dualspeed