TS-Optics 62 mm f/8.4 4-Element Flatfield Refractor for Observation and Photography

TS-Optics 62 mm f/8.4 4-Element Flatfield Refractor for Observation and Photography

The TS 4-element 62mm aperture refractor is a versatile spotting scope and telescope, a 520mm telephoto objective and a powerful guide scope for astrophotography.

  • aperture 62 mm
  • Focal length 520 mm -- Focal ratio f/8.4
  • 4-element design for sharp imaging of moon, planets and deep-sky objects, but also daytime observing
  • a versatile travel telescope for observing and photography due to a flat field of view
  • sensitive Crayford focuser for precise focusing with locking screw
  • 1.25" connector and T2 connector for screw adaptations
  • sufficient working distance for use of 1.25" amiciprism, zenith prism and of course photo adapters
  • finder shoe for direction finders, optical finders or mini guide scopes
  • Carrying case with plenty of space for accessories
  • Retractable dew cap - transport length only 310 millimeters
  • High quality workmanship "Made in Taiwan"
Manufacturer : TS Optics
Price: 318.49 € excl tax
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description

TS 62 mm travel refractor, spotting scope and telephoto obective

With the TSR625Q we offer you one of the most versatile instruments for mobile use. The refractor has a very high quality finish and features a 4-element system. This not only provides improved color correction, but also levels the field of view for photography. The sharpness is thus preserved up to the edge.

The refractor comes with a universal photo tripod connection plate with two 1/4" female threads. This allows you to use all common photo tripods. With suitable dovetail bars, the connection to astronomical mounts with quick coupling is also possible. The refractor is ideal for observing and photography, in a few minutes the telescope becomes a long focal length telephoto with 520mm focal length.

The 1.25" focuser has ball bearings and a locking screw. Especially for astrophotography this is useful to maintain the focus position. The adjustment of the focus is sensitive and without play. A special feature is the generous working distance of 70-125 mm from the 1.25" receptacle. This allows you to use all common accessories for photography and observation without any problems.

The TS625Q for observation
The telescope is well suited for astronomical observation, but also for daytime observation as a spotting scope. The refractor provides a bright and high contrast image due to the multi-coating. You can use star diagonals for astronomy or amici prisms for daytime observation. This will give you an upright and laterally correct image.

The TS625Q for photography
The telescope is also a good telephoto lens with 520 mm focal length and the focal ratio of f/8.4. The correction and illumination is ideal for cameras with APS-C sensors or smaller. With full-frame cameras, you´ll see some shading at the edge. A T2 thread is already available on the camera side. All they need now to connect the camera is the matching T2 ring and the 20mm T2 extension # TST2V20, so you can focus without any problems.

The TS625Q for astrophotography
The compact refractor is also well applicable for astrophotography. The stars are imaged sharp and round up to the edge of the image field thanks to the internal 2-element corrector system. To facilitate focusing, we recommend the T2 extension # TST2V20 for cameras with 55mm flange focal length.

At the same time the refractor is of course a very good guiding scope for telescopes up to 10" aperture. We recommend to use a 1.25" star diagonal mirror for easy focusing. With this you can use all common autoguiders and cameras with autoguiding port.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Optical Tube
  • Case
Products specifications
Lens4 Lenses Achromat
Focal length520 mm
Connection to eyepiece1.25"
Transportation length310 mm
Focuser1 1/4"
Total weight1 kg
Type of telescopeRefractor
Focal ratiof/8.4
Dewcap diameter84.5mm
Backfokus70mm - 125mm from 1.25" focuser barrel