TS-Optics APO Refractor 85/510 mm - FCD100 Triplet Lens from Japan

TS-Optics APO Refractor 85/510 mm - FCD100 Triplet Lens from Japan

TS PHOTOLINE 85 mm f/6 triplet apochromat with color-clean image - high quality triplet objective from Japanese production.

  • Aperture 85 mm / focal length 510 mm / focal ratio f/6
  • Multi-coated 3-element lens with FCD100 APO element (similar to FPL53) from Hoya (Japan) for a color-pure image
  • Lens including cell is made in Japan
  • Internal baffles for higher contrast and against reflections
  • 2.5" RAP dual-speed focuser with improved draw tube bearing - carries accessories up to 10 kg without shifting
  • Connection for screw adaptations via M63x1 female thread, 2" and 1.25" receptacle
  • Retractable dew shield for transport
  • CNC tube rings, Vixen/EQ5 style dovetail bars on both sides and finder shoe are included in delivery
  • Each apo is tested and optimized at our optical bench before shipping
Manufacturer : TS Optics
Price: 1259.66 € excl tax
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description

TS PHOTOLINE 85 mm Triplet Apo for first-class Astrophotography and Observation

The new Photoline apochromat with the color-clean premium triplet lens with glasses from Hoya (Japan) is the optimal solution for astrophotography and for observing. The lens with cell is completely manufactured in Japan. Due to the triplet objective, the apo convinces with strong contrast and a high-contrast image up to the highest magnification range. The apo has also been developed for astrophotographers who value an optically and technically sophisticated solution. The stars are imaged without disturbing color fringes and the image on moon and planets does not become soft even in the highest magnification range.

Astrophotography with the TS Photoline 85 mm f/6 apo:
The 3-element 0.92x image field corrector for sharp stars to the edge has been developed especially for this telescope. The corrector is linked in the accessories section. It is screwed to the focuser via the M63x1 thread. Especially for the corrector, Teleskop-Service has put a lot of emphasis on a very good solution.

  • 0.92x shortening factor - focal length is reduced to 469 mm, focal ratio is improved to fast f/5.52;
  • 55 mm to 60 mm working distance - finely adjustable with 0.05 mm accuracy - from the M48x0.75 thread;
  • Screw connection directly to the M63x1 female thread on the focuser.

2.5" hybrid focuser for maximum load
To allow you to connect even heavy accessories to the focuser, the focuser is equipped with a special bearing. Ball bearings and a solid rail bearing opposite the adjustment keep the draw tube in position even under heavy loads.

The adjustment itself is decoupled and is achieved via a helical gear. This guarantees fine and smooth adjustment even with heavy accessories. The 1:10 dual speed allows for even more precise focusing. Fixation of the focus position is achieved by locking the adjustment wheel. No screw presses on the draw tube.

In addition to the 2" and the 1.25" receptacle for visual observation, the focuser also offers the M63x1 female thread for screw adaptations for astrophotography.

360° rotation for correct camera position and quick coupling
The focuser is fixed to the tube. The # TSROTM63 rotation and quick coupling adapter offers a short rotation option. This rotation is used between the corrector and the M63x1 female thread of the focuser. This allows you to rotate the camera with corrector or to remove it completely from the telescope in just a few steps.

More information about the FCD100 APO element from Hoya:
FCD100 is an extremely low dispersion optical glass corresponding to fluorite (CaF2). With this glass, in combination with high refractive index optical glasses, excellent correction of chromatic aberrations can be achieved. The difference in dispersion performance to FPL53, for example, is less relevant than the difference in how well polished the optics are. FCD100 is Hoya´s name for this special glass, just as FPL53 is Ohara´s proprietary name.

So we hand over the apos to the amateur astronomer:
Our goal is that you have pleasure with this apo from the beginning. That´s why we check every single telescope before shipping:

  • Cosmetic check for dust and scratches
  • Mechanical inspection, optimal adjustment of the focuser
  • Collimation of the objective and subsequent optical inspection on our optical bench

Scope of Delivery:
    • APO refractor
    • CNC tube rings
    • Vixen/EQ5 style dovetail bars on top and bottom side
    • Dust caps
    Products specifications
    Focal ratiof/6
    Focuser2.5" Rack and Pinion Focuser with 1:10 Micro Focusing
    Dewcap diameter105 mm
    Tube weight8.8 lb
    Tube materialALU / CNC produced
    Aperture85 mm
    Type of telescopeAPO Refractor
    LensAir-spaced triplet objective, Hoya FCD100 as APO element
    Focal length510mm
    Tube diameter95mm
    Length of dewcap44 cm with dew shield inserted
    Connection to eyepieceM63x1 female thread as well as 2" and 1.25"