TS-Optics Protect Case waterproof hard case - width 271 mm

TS-Optics Protect Case waterproof hard case - width 271 mm

The waterproof and airtight outdoor case and accessory case with foam inserts optimally protects cameras, optics and accessories from dust and shocks.

  • Dimension outside 271 x 246 x 174 mm
  • Dimension inside 233 x 178 x 155 mm
  • With raster foam inserts for optimal fit
  • Safety lock without danger for accidental opening
  • Sturdy carrying handle for maximum load
  • Eyelets for locking the case
  • Pressure valve for equalizing the air pressure available
  • Reliably keeps moisture out
  • Maximum stability with only 1.46 kg weight
  • The case is suitable for astro cameras, valuable eyepieces, filters or compact camera lenses, among other things.
Manufacturer : TS Optics
Price: 34.00 € incl tax 19% (Germany)
Delivery date : 1-4 days
Product description

TS waterproof protective case for cameras and accessories

The hard cases from Teleskop-Service are optimized for the transport and storage of cameras, optics, lenses and accessories. The cases are suitable for the toughest conditions due to the robust protective cover made of ABS plastic and optimally protect the interior. TS Protect Case are waterproof and dustproof, so even sensitive accessories can be optimally taken on air travel, safaris or simply on an astro session.

Flexible interior design due to raster foam

Design the interior of the case according to your wishes, the cube foam adapts perfectly to your equipment. So nothing wobbles and everything has its order.

Extra sturdy handle and safety latch

The cases can be opened and closed without much effort. Nevertheless, the safety latches prevent unintentional opening of the cases. The sturdy and secured handle is also suitable for heavy accessories and lies well in the hand.

Pressure valve for easy balancing

The inside of the case is optimally protected from moisture and dust. A pressure valve equalizes the air pressure and thus facilitates the opening of the case.

Practical tip from APM- storage of cameras and accessories:

Especially in our latitudes, the nights are often very humid. This moisture condenses on your camera, eyepiece or filter when they come into the warm interior of the home. Especially cooled cameras are affected by this. A photo session is quickly over because the sensor ices up.

Good storage is an important prevention against dew and also prolongs the life.

After use, put the camera immediately into the TS Protect Case and add some silica gel. During storage, the silica gel sucks the moisture out of the camera. At the same time, the penetration of humid room air is prevented. Dry storage even allows the small dry tablets of cooled cameras to regenerate. Your camera or accessories will always be ready for them in optimal condition. You can find the silica gel in our product recommendations.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Case
  • 3x foam inserts
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