William Optics

In a relatively short time, William Optics has established itself and its products as one of the world leaders in short-tube, highly-portable refractors, and has achieved quality recognition for many accessories such as the well celebrated WO Diagonals.

We plan to keep producing fine instruments both for the entry-level and the top-end segments. In the coming year, you will have many pleasant surprises: on top of a whole new range of larger Apochromatic telescopes, we will begin marketing new accessories and binoculars for all pockets.

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New Adjustable Flat61 for William Optics Z61 Telescope
209.24 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days
High quality erecting prism with Red anodized plate , the complete housing is made by 6061T Aluminium by CNC .
108.40 €
Delivery date : 1-2 days
This three-lens apochromat with FPL-53 element and STM coating delivers color-pure, crisp images! Stars are pin sharp points, bright objects like moon and planets show no color fringes, but a lot of details!
4697.48 €
Delivery date : 3-4 weeks
The APO refractor Fluorostar has a three-lens air-gap objective using the ED special glass FPL-53 from Ohara, Japan, and glass made of lanthanum.
6889.92 €
Delivery date : 3-4 weeks
From the beginning, the goal was to create the best possible design for an affordable, small, lightweight, and fast Apochromatic refactor for astrophotography.
839.50 €
Delivery date : 1-2 weeks
The William RecdCat 51 is a successful model and has found its following. Now William offers the much more powerful RedCat with 71 mm aperture.
1924.37 €
Delivery date : 1 week