William Optics Flattner/Reducer

William Optics Flattner/Reducer
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New ! Adjustable Flat73A for William Optics f/5 to f/7 telescopes

  • Universally applicable for telescopes between f/5 and f/7
  • Focusing travel is adjustable
  • M63 thread on telescope side
  • M48 thread on camera side
  • Integrated M48 filter thread
309.00 €
Delivery date : on request
Discover the ultimate accessory for your astrophotography experience - the William Optics Flattener 68III!
  • Optimized for full-frame photography
  • Variable adjustable distance to chip
  • No focal length change
  • M48 filter thread
749.00 €
Delivery date : 1 week

New ! Adjustable Flat61 for William Optics ZS61 II Telescopes

  • Compensates for field curvature and enables sharp images at the edges
  • Camera can be mounted directly with M48 camera adapter
  • Suitable for refractors from f/5 to f/7
  • Distance to chip plane is variably adjustable
309.00 €
Delivery date : 1-2 weeks

Perfect astrophotography: Whether you are an experienced astrophotographer or an enthusiastic beginner - with this Reducer Flattener you can take impressive pictures with ease.

A valuable addition for the large refractors from William Optics

  • Image correction right to the edge
  • Reduction factor 0.72x
  • M92 threaded connection to the telescope
  • Universal connection with M48 to camera or filter wheels etc.
  • Very high quality workmanship
889.00 €
Delivery date : 1 week
All New Adjustable Flat6AIII (T-mount not included)
369.00 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days

This Reducer Flattener is designed to take the optical performance of your telescope to a new level. With a reduction factor of X0.8 and an outstanding flattener function, it minimizes distortions and aberrations that can occur during observation and photography.

The 0.8x Flattener corrector from William Optics is optimized for full-frame format and suitable for all apos from 102mm aperture with large extensions.

  • Connection thread on the telescope side M92x1 - adapters to M68 or M54 are optionally available
  • The distance is precisely adjustable, so the corrector can be individually
  • optimized to the refractor for best possible stars
  • Triplet design with Ohara glass (Japan)
  • M48x0.75 camera mount with possibility to screw in 2" filter
789.00 €
Delivery date : 1 week