William Optics Flattner/Reducer

William Optics Flattner/Reducer
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New ! Adjustable Flat73A for William Optics f/5 to f/7 telescopes

  • Universally applicable for telescopes between f/5 and f/7
  • Focusing travel is adjustable
  • M63 thread on telescope side
  • M48 thread on camera side
  • Integrated M48 filter thread
259.66 €
Delivery date : on request

New ! Adjustable Flat61 for William Optics ZS61 II Telescopes

  • Compensates for field curvature and enables sharp images at the edges
  • Camera can be mounted directly with M48 camera adapter
  • Suitable for refractors from f/5 to f/7
  • Distance to chip plane is variably adjustable
259.66 €
Delivery date : 1-2 weeks
All New Adjustable Flat6AIII (T-mount not included)
335.29 €
Delivery date : 1-4 days